Who Can Apply:

Being a cosmetologist/ aesthetic technician can be a very fun and rewarding career choice. Qualified professionals in this field are absorbed across the field of Dermatology, Spa, Salon, Beauty and Wellness industry, and various beauty product brands.

Individuals come for certification and professional studies in this field for various reasons:

  • Freshers can apply the learnt knowledge of skin and hair care practices in their Respective fields (salons, beauty parlors and spas)
  • Experienced professionals can upskill and earn certification thereby gaining employment in high end beauty & wellness companies
  • Salon owners can get their therapists/beauticians certified to bring uniform quality standards in their ventures
  • Independent dermatologist can get their clinical assistants certified to ensure correct technical skills and safety & hygiene norms
  • Anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations in the beauty & aesthetic industry, can gain first-hand experience by enrolling in professional certified courses