Technology & Techniques
taught at Kaya

At Kaya’s Training Academy, you will gain an opportunity of learning one or all the mentioned below technologies based on the Course you choose and become proficient under the guidance of Kaya’s Expert Facilitator.

We train on Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, Aqua Technology which is also known as the Jet/water peel these days. You will also be learning a lot of other Processes such as lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and infusion of the product which is done through these technologies.

The technology which has multiple benefits in various fields is Laser. In aesthetics also it is used for permanent hair reduction, anti-ageing effect, minimizing pigmentation and removing tattoos.

At Kaya’s Training Academy we have the ‘Six step skills transfer’ process which is extremely unique to Kaya & has been our Success Mantra in Skilling our Therapist…this methodology is used to train and create experts this allows you to showcase you excellence in the field of beauty & aesthetics in systematic manner.


The Indian market has recently shown tremendous response in the skin and hair care treatments especially amongst the younger generation in the age group of 22 to 35 years in order to improve their appearance. This has also led to a huge demand amongst the Young entrepreneurs (be its Aesthetician, Beautician, Salon Owners) who would want to capitalize on this demand.

There will be a continuous demand for Trained Aestheticians, Technicians and Cosmetic Dermatologists in this field for the foreseeable future.

If you want to know more visit our closest Training Academy; our Counsellors will be happy to assist you.