Kaya Limited is India’s foremost chain of specialized clinics, which offers personalized solutions by proficient dermatologists, delivered through a synergistic combination of products and services backed by state-of-the-art, safe technologies.

Kaya Limited ("Kaya") was incorporated on 27th March 2003 as part of wholly owned subsidiary of Marico Limited and was demerged from Marico Limited in September 2013. Through Kaya Clinics, Mr Harsh Mariwala, the founder, wanted Indian customers to experience the best in the world in Beauty and Wellness.

Kaya has its presence across India and Middle East. In spite of expanding over the years, Kaya’s passion for enhancing its proficiencies and medical expertise through innovation has never been compromised. Kaya constantly explores, experiments and reinvents its business to add value to the customer.

The pillars to Kaya’s growth are Innovation, Training and R&D. Kaya itself is a result of its parent organization Marico’s Innovation and desire to make a difference in the life of a customer.

Marico has an Innovation Cell that constantly identifies and evaluates opportunities from across the globe with the intent to bring the best to India. In the 1990s, when laser machines were unheard of in India, Marico Innovation Cell was studying the feasibility to introduce the same in the Indian markets so that Indian customers can benefit from it. The idea when initially formed was limited to buying and selling laser machine, making it a business to business transaction. However, as this idea was incubated, members of the Marico Innovation Cell were reminded of their vision which was to make a difference in the life of the customer. They realized the only way they could impact the Indian customer was through a holistic offering and not just a machine. This was the genesis of Kaya, India’s first dermatologist led specialty clinic.

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India’s foremost chain of
specialized clinics

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Kaya, today has undergone a rebranding exercise in order to be more inclusive with our consumer. The objective is to be able to cater to the needs of an 18-year-old as well as a 45-year-old consumer irrespective of the gender. The re-branding exercise was to ensure Kaya is perceived as a holistic brand that focuses on Hair as well as Skin hence the title was redefined as ‘Kaya Clinic’.

According to Mr. Rajiv Nair – Group CEO Kaya limited, the name ‘Kaya Clinic’ reflects a wholesome offering, including services and products for body, hair as well as skin. One of Kaya’s core focus area is its growth opportunity in the products segment. Apart from that Kaya has also launched an All-Natural range, Derma Naturals. In this range, we have launched affordable sheet masks, lip balms and hair-care products starting at Rs 125 across the e-commerce platforms. We are looking to go beyond our clinics and have a larger presence.

Kaya Limited, has two major business lines – Services and Products. Services are provided in the clinics which employ dermatologists, skilled therapists and front desk staff (customer care executives and clinic managers) while product business is managed through omni channels like ecommerce, shop in shop format, modern trade and clinic.

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Kaya Limited, has three major business
lines – Services and Products.




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