laser hair reduction

Today, people are more aware of their aesthetic needs. There’s strict attention to body needs and looks. And DIY aesthetics are easier said than done. So, they turn to trained professionals, thereby creating new jobs. In the aesthetics industry, laser hair reduction particularly stands out as a profession. 

The majority of people want lasting aesthetic solutions. Laser hair reduction is one of them; hence it is the perfect job for career changers. With Kaya, India’s leading laser hair reduction academy, you can easily land a gig at top aesthetic clinics or start your own venture right after completing our 4 weeks Course in Laser Hair Reduction. 

If you are looking for a successful career change, here’s all you need to know.


Who Can Become a Laser Technician?

Here lies the good bit about Kaya Training Academy. You can enroll in our course without a background in medicine or aesthetics. If you are 18 or above and have completed Junior College graduation, you can take the course and become an ace laser technician. It’s a great opportunity to streamline your career on the success track.

Why Learn Laser Hair Reduction?

The treatment is rapidly gaining popularity, so there’s a high potential of getting a large clientele. Also, the percentage of people opting for laser hair reduction treatment is increasing every year. About 90-95% of people undergoing the treatment express great satisfaction after. With such diverse circumstances contributing to the treatment’s growing need, it’s a great opportunity for career changers to establish their expertise.

What Skills Will You Acquire?

Our course is designed to provide enhanced knowledge in Laser Technology. Exposure to laser operation, clinical application and safety measures, types of lasers, medical contraindications, pre & post-care, and extended hands-on practice on subjects.

Post Course Key Skills Acquisition

  • Knowledge of skin and hair with respect to laser treatment
  • Types of lasers
  • Use of lasers for skin aesthetics
  • Medical contraindication
  • Safety protocols
  • Understanding customer behaviour and adopting a customer-centric approach

Who Will Be Your Clients?

Clients go for treatment for a variety of reasons. The two most typical clients would be the people who want to get rid of excessive unwanted body hair. And the people who are looking for alternatives to shaving, waxing and bleaching. Athletes may opt for the treatment for an increase in speed, professional bodybuilders get the treatment to enhance their muscles…and the clients’ list goes on. Over the years, the treatment has become more affordable and mainstream, and clients welcome the opportunity of not having to shave excessive hair obsessively, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Why Kaya Training Academy?

Kaya Training Academy offers courses built on the latest industry trends. Our Laser Hair Reduction course is designed in a 30:70 ratio, 30% focus is on theory, and 70% focus is on practical sessions to enhance the skill set of aspiring technicians who take the course. You will work with advanced equipment and learn in-demand skills proficiently. 

Kaya Training Academy provides an industry-recognised certificate on completion of the course. We guarantee placement too at top aesthetic clinics to give your career your desired flight of success.