Aesthetic training under skin experts

Are you looking to start your career as a beauty aesthetician but you have no idea where to start? Well, you have reached the right spot to know more about it. This article includes valuable insights into the aesthetic courses and how one can start a career in them. These are one of the best ways to get your career started as a beauty aesthetician. Guess what? You can make your dream come true. Start your career successfully in the cosmetic industry by opting for Aesthetic Courses For Beginners without any inhibitions. Here we are going to guide you on the right path to a bright career. 

Ideal courses for the beginners

There are ideal courses at Kaya that you can get yourself enrolled for. These courses consist of practical sessions and webinars that are essential to learning the courses. Two courses are apt for a beginner to get enrolled for. These are advanced dermatology and aesthetic advanced courses. The learning spectrum and scope of learning are quite broad in these courses. Moreover, the eligibility criteria for these courses are HSC passed, cosmetic clinic owners, etc. The time duration of these town courses is 3 months. Isn't that a great deal? Become a certified beauty aesthetic in just 3 months.

Get trained by the experts in Mumbai

Get trained by experts that have had expertise in the cosmetic industry for numerous years. At Kaya, we have trainees that are skilled and will teach you the skills and techniques that are vital in the courses. These courses are very well defined for cosmetic aspirants. There is a great scope for learning and developing viable skills.

Placements at reputed

Don't miss the opportunity to get a placement at the routed cosmetic clinics.  This is one of the ideal benefits of getting enrolled in this course. At Kaya, we share the job placements after the course is completed. The skin technician gets placements at the top skin aesthetic clinics Which is one of the positive points of getting enrolled in these courses.

Listen to our experts for career guidance

Get career guidance from our experts. These experts are well aware of the aesthetic industry and will offer adequate guidance from our experts. Several webinars and counseling sessions are conducted by the experts. It will guide the trainees to the right path. The experts of Kaya provide path-breaking solutions for fruitful results. 

Easy admission process

The admission process at Kaya is fairly easy. There is an online form that needs to be filled out to get enrolled for this course. Moreover, the admission process is not time-consuming. The in-house admission process consists of a counseling application and fee payment process.