Every woman dreams of having perfect skin. Not long ago, the search for spot-free, radiant and supple skin used to be a lifelong chase. The count of cosmetic and home remedies would reach hundreds…but to no avail. 

The landscape has changed. Owing to the immense advancement in skin care, perfect skin isn’t as elusive. You just have to find the right skin expert now to bid adieu to all your skin worries. Now, you don’t have to be genetically gifted to have perfectly sculpted skin. There’s an abundance of advanced procedures that make it super easy to get your desired skin without inconveniences. 

Naturally, more and more people are now attracted to such skin care treatments. This massive boom in the popularity of the skin care industry has opened new doors of career opportunities. While in theory, anyone can become a skin expert, not everyone does. Skin experts have knowledge on skin care diagnosis, treatments, regimes, etc., and can instinctively recall them in seconds. Sounds challenging? It is. However, the whole process can be made easy with an advanced certification in skin care from Kaya Training Academy. 

In our skin care courses, you are groomed in advanced skin care therapies with hands-on training sessions. You learn everything from skin analysis, diagnosis, and treatments necessary to cater to clients’ growing needs in the aesthetic industry. On completion of the course, your presence is established in this domain, giving you access to these lucrative career opportunities.

Aesthetic Therapist

Kaya Training Academy provides guaranteed placement registrations at top aesthetic clinics. An aesthetic therapist is needed at such esteemed institutions to give clients the right aesthetic consultation or treatment for their skin problems. Clients face problems like dry skin, rapid ageing, wrinkles, acne, etc. Depending on the progression of the problem, an aesthetic therapist provides treatments like advanced facials, massages, clean-ups, and bleaching, followed by a detailed skin care regime.

Skin Care Consultant

Aesthetic institutions like salons, skin clinics, and spas hire professionally trained skin experts as skin care consultants. They prefer candidates who have completed advanced certification in skin care from an advanced aesthetic training academy. Skin care consultants give clients the right knowledge, walk them through suitable treatment options, recommend skin care regimes, etc. In a nutshell, if a client approaches you with a problem like rapid skin ageing, you’d have to guide them to the right treatment. Apart from working at an institution, you can even set up your own skin care consultancy clinic.

Faculty at an Aesthetic Academy

You can aim for a faculty position at top aesthetic training academies after gathering enough knowledge—both theoretical and practical—to be regarded as a skin expert. Better if you have professionally worked in the aesthetic industry for a stipulated amount of time. There, you can train budding aestheticians in the art of skin care, cosmetology and aesthetics. Landing such a gig is tough to beat in terms of career opportunities.


Becoming a skin care influencer is more accessible now. What’s more? You can even create a highly desirable stream of income from such a venture. Starting a vlog is the best way to go about this. You can share technical knowledge of various skin care treatments to gain a loyal following. Once you amass a considerable audience, you can start adding sponsored content to your vlog and create a lucrative income/side income stream.

Cosmetic Store Adviser

Skin care expertise allows you to develop a versatile portfolio. Apart from working at aesthetic clinics, you can become a cosmetic store adviser. Here, you will advise manufacturers regarding which ingredients would be best for a particular product. On the flip side, you will be interacting with customers to guide them towards the skin products that are most suitable for their skin types. 

These lucrative career opportunities come with perks like flexible working hours, freedom to create and innovate, etc. If this sounds like a dream career to you, then start today with Kaya Training Academy’s skin care courses.