The new generation today prefers diving into a career that’s exciting, challenging, evolving and secure. Nowadays, people don’t mind weighing a ton of options before accelerating down a particular path. One industry that’s forecasted to grow in billions in the coming years is the field of aesthetics. 

Having already created a boom in the market, the aesthetics industry is still growing at an unimaginable pace. At its foundation, it is segregated into three main domains: skin care, hair care, and make up. Today’s focus is the skin care domain, whose popularity is all too obvious, considering how people are investing more & more in looking their absolute best. 

If you want to start your career in the skin care industry—whether you are starting anew or looking for a career change—Kaya Training Academy has you covered. We believe in bridging aspirations through skilling. Our skin care courses are loaded with hands-on training sessions, in which you get to work with the latest equipment. Such sessions make it possible to carve expertise within a short period of time. Here are five reasons why you should start your career with our basic skin care course - Skin Care Regime Level 1.

Creativity & Flexibility

Everybody wants a career that boasts of creativity and flexibility—you can be one of the few who actually get it. The skin care industry is constantly evolving, meaning you will get ample chances to spread your creative wings. You get to work on new treatment techniques—that too, at your own time, should you be self-employed or working at a place with a flexible work schedule.

Employment or Self-employment - You Choose

Kaya Training Academy’s Certification Courses offer a guaranteed placement registration. So, if you want to work at a top aesthetic clinic, it’s almost a sure-fire shot if you are passionate about the industry. On the flip side, completing an advanced skin care course allows you to set up your aesthetic clinic should you wish to. Employment or Self-employment - you choose!

You Become an Expert

It is a happening industry. That’s why new and advanced developments are always on the rise. You don’t risk falling into the trap of outdated techniques and practice. There’s always a new horizon to explore in terms of treatments and techniques. Kaya Training Academy makes sure that you stay updated with the latest skin care techniques as we are constantly aiming to surpass industry standards. Once you master them and become an expert, you open new doors to success. Your services then can range from skin care consultations to providing clients with advanced treatments.

Job Security

The aesthetic industry is scaling new avenues of growth every day. People are willing to spend good money on advanced aesthetic treatments to enhance their personal appearance. So…figure…if you are a skin care expert, you can cater to an esteemed clientele that is willing to bring repeat business and good money. 

Lucrative Career Options

The career that you have chosen isn’t limited to just one domain. While a skin care expert can set up a successful practice, you can even upskill in different domains. By learning trending concepts like Laser Hair Reduction or taking an Advanced Aesthetic Course, you can really attract lots of lucrative career opportunities. Clients today prefer one-stop aesthetic solutions, so if you are looking to build a thriving business network, versatility in terms of expertise is the way to go.

Become a Skin Care Expert with Kaya Training Academy. Start your dream career in the aesthetic industry now with the very best. To explore our courses, visit Kaya Training Academy