kaya training academy


After being recognized as the Pioneers in the Indian Market for almost 2 decades, Kaya Limited is proud to establish its most celebrated venture ‘Kaya Training Academy'. Kaya Training Academy is a Part of Kaya Group of Companies. Kaya Training Centers (In-house) have always existed ever since Kaya Clinic was conceptualized.

In 2003, the idea took a shape in a form of Kaya Clinic; with an objective of providing flawless and healthy skin. Our purpose was also to educate & create awareness amongst Indians consumer about the latest developments in Dermatology and Aesthetic (Laser) Technology. Hence; we took a conscious decision to create an extensive curriculum in-house in alignment with experts who had created the technology. The 4-month comprehensive training for the Pilot batch was handled in-house successfully and since then the Practice continued…

Kaya’s in-house Training Methodology
is recognized for


The Trainees exceptional proficiency levels along with the Services and Technologies they learn in record time


The Kaya Training Academy uses training techniques that has been validated over-time, enabling us to cater to trainee specific learning needs and patterns.


The effectiveness of our training is evident in the quality of our services in Kaya Clinic which remains consistent across people, clinics and geographies


One of our USPs in the Market till today is our Training Methodology for Laser hair reduction process and our Dermatology Training with hands-on Practical sessions conducted by Our Sr Dermatologist (Doctor – to – Doctor Mentoring Process) is still what sets us apart, from our competitors.


Kaya’s Business concept & skill is extremely Niche (has been Since 2003) hence the ethical practices that we follow is unique to us

Training process

Training Processes and methodology has an immediate impact on the Business; right from the moment a Trained Therapist performs his/her first service on the floor.

Kaya Training Academy intends to enrich your ability with a lifetime of learning experiences that makes your Career Journey more insightful.

Indian Beauty & the
Dermatology market

The Indian market has recently shown tremendous response in the skin and hair care treatments especially amongst the younger generation in the age group of 22 to 35 years of the tier 1 and tier 2 cities opting to avail these services in order to improve their appearance.

The Indian beauty, cosmetic and dermatology market is poised for growth. “At its current growth rate, the trend is expected to increase over the next 3-4 years, thereby indicating that this segment has immense potential in the Indian market.”

This has also led to a huge demand amongst the Young entrepreneurs (be its Aesthetician, Beautician, Salon Owners) who would want to capitalize on this demand…

The obvious shortage of Cosmetic Dermatologists and other trained aestheticians and technicians in this field is expected to persist for the foreseeable future.