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Kaya’s Beauty Training Academy offers skills-based hands-on training in all aspects of facial & body aesthetics, preparing you to be placed with bright career opportunities with the best in our Industry. The courses equip you with all the necessary skills you require to go solo on your entrepreneurial journey.

Aesthetic Skin

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Advanced Dermatology Aesthetician

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Kaya Signature Skin Care Regime Level 1

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Kaya Signature Skin Care Regime Level 2

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Course in Skin Rejuvenation & Luminance

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Course in Laser Hair Reduction

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Being recognized as the Pioneers in the Indian Market for almost 2 decades, Kaya Limited is proud to establish its most celebrated venture ‘Kaya Training Academy’. The vision of providing quality education has seen the Beauty Academy being well received in the Indian market with their training institutes in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru & Chennai currently. With the fast growth of the beauty business, there is a corresponding demand for professionally trained personnel. Kaya Training Academy is determined in fulfilling this demand through their professionally designed practical courses.

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Why Choose Us?

Kaya’s beauty training academy offers professional Courses, which comprise of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, keeping abreast with the international standards. The Courses also cover in-dept knowledge of skin and hair, as well as client handling. Students are given knowledge of sound consultation skills and adopting customer centric approach setting you apart in the industry and job-market!!.

  • Flexibility in Course Selection
  • Flexible in Timings
  • Practical Training under our Supervision 
  • Get Career Opportunities with Kaya
  • Career Guidance
  • Job Placement
Kaya beauty academy certification

Kaya Training Academy is registered as a training provider with
the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).


Are you looking for the next exciting new skill / career opportunity?

Our certified skin care course IS your answer. At Our beauty academy we strive to make the Revolutionary Skin care Science available to every aspiring Beauty- professional


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Preparing students for Indian wellness industry by equipping them with expertise in all aspects of beauty care, is a major part of Kaya Training Academy’s vision. With one of the most technological advanced clinics in India - you get to train hands-on with the newest and best treatment devices for skincare, beauty facials and hair removal.

When you get certified from our Beauty Training Academy you will be sought after, both for your academic knowledge and practical experience as an aesthetic dermatologist - setting you apart in the industry and job-market!!

It has emerged as one of the most important and an upcoming industry. With the rising hunger or need for the total transformation of the body and face, Indian Wellness Industry has witnessed a substantial growth and will only continue to do so. Such advancements have created a huge need for trained/skilled manpower.

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